J & P Cycles founders to step down

By: Tyler Baker

It seems the end of an era is upon us.  J & P Cycles, the world’s largest motorcycle aftermarket and accessories sellers, has recently found themselves under new management for the first time in the companies 31 years.  Founder and President, John Parham, and his Vice President wife, Jill, announced this month that they would both be stepping down from the company saddle in exchange for the sweet sound of retirement.  This comes as a great loss to those in the motorcycle inner-circle, but all things, even those as good as the Parhams is bound to come to a close.

Since 1979, J & P Cycles has strived to thrive in the motorcycle aftermarket game; an industry that has constantly grown over the decades.  John and Jill Parham have been at the core of this industrial fruition since the 70’s.  Every year, J & P publishes their famed Harley Davidson Catalog, one of the largest mail order catalogs in the industry.  The Parham’s influence on all of the industry, not solely aftermarket, has been invaluable to the biker cause.  The best example of this would be the National Motorcycle Museum, which John had a hand in moving last year to a spacious facility in Anamosa, Iowa.  Home to over 300 history instilled vintage motorcycles, the museum will be the Parham’s retirement project in the coming years.  They have stated that they will focus on family as well as working to better the museum.

What does this mean for J &P Cycles?  John has revealed that he will stay on with J & P as a member of the Advisory Board of Directors.  Taking over the company mantle will be son, Zach Parham.  Zach will head up the company as the new Vice President and General Manager in the absence of his parents.  Having grown up alongside J & P, there should be no lull in the family values Zach Parham inherited from the previous company heads.  The company has assured consumers that they will continue to excel as a provider of all things motorcycle.  While the end of an era is present at J & P Cycles,  one can’t help but be appreciative of all the Parham family has done for the motorcycle world and all they will continue to contribute as we forge into the future.



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