All White Everything?

Do you know what the most popular car color in the world is? According to PPG Industries, a global leader in paints and coatings, announced their findings recently. While not all together surprising, the king of colors is white. PPG claims that 20% of 2011 model-year cars in America were white, followed closely by silver (19%), black (18%) and gray (15%). More vibrant colors like red and blue made up only 9% each and earth tones such as brown and gold were a much smaller 7%. Green ranked in with a meager 2% and every other color made up only 1%.

Around the world is a similar story. White, silver and black sit above the rest. PPG also conducted a customer study where they determined that almost 50% of consumers pick their vehicle based on color. A whopping 31% of consumers also admitted to PPG that they would pay extra for a car that expresses their personalities through color. This last fact comes as a surprise as most consumers, preferably in the automotive industry, have been considered to be thrifty in their spending. What PPG is suggesting is that color plays heavily not only on the decision of auto buyers, but on their willingness to pay extra for a color they want. As they gears up for their annual Automotive Color Trend Show, the world waits to see what new colors PPG Industries will come out with.

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