Say Goodbye to Mazda’s RX-8

If you’re a sports car lover, odds are you’ve at least heard of Mazda’s RX-8. It’s a sleek sportster with a hybridized mixture of power and Mazda’s trademark look. According to, Mazda has called it quits on their production of the RX-8 brand vehicle. The auto manufacturer recently had trouble meeting emission standards in Europe with their latest version of the sports car. This with the downturn in popularity of the vehicle in America has caused Mazda to announce the retirement of the RX-8.

Once their answer to the Toyota Celica or the Dodge Charger, the RX-8 has now become a recent memory of how trying the auto industry has become. Currently, the latest version of the RX-8 will only be sold in Japan as Mazda looks towards the future without their power performance flagship. It’s uncertain as to whether or not they will develop a new alternative to the RX brand, but for now, Mazda has remained focus on sending off their sportster in style.

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