Ford attempts to resurrect the 60’s, brings back Mustang

As we all know, there is nothing quite like the Ford Mustang.  It’s a fuel injected mechanized manifesto that stands testament to the history of America’s awesomeness.  When the world calls into question our swagger, we need only to point to the harnessed high end horsepower stallion developed by Ford Motors back in 1964.  The Mustang is the beast of the western automotive world and it is so because it has proven time and time again to uphold the justifiable gaudy nature of our American taste.  It’s stylized, it’s loud and above all, it’s fast.  Currently, the Ford Mustang is in it’s fifth generation redesign since the first model of the car back in 1964.  While she may look, sound and act different, she has continued to rein as the coveted sweetheart of good old fashion car crazy Americans.  Recognizing this, Ford Motors has recently announced they will be reproducing the original first generation model of the 1965 Mustang.  Well, sort of anyway.

According to an article in Yahoo Autos over the weekend, Ford has been working carefully to develop their retro sides.  Either that, or they want to bring modern society back into the 60’s.  In an attempt to reward their relationship with their loyal customers and fanatics, Ford has slapped an approval on a new stamping for the steel bodies of the first generation Ford Mustang and it will only cost $15,000.  This is great news for classic or muscle car lovers.  The even better part is that you’ll be able to put your own engine, interior and axels of your choice into it.  No, seriously, you have to put it together yourself.  Ford may be making the body of the classic car, but they’re leaving the rest up to the consumers.

While this news is both exciting and deflating at the same time, you should take comfort in the fact that not only is there enough reproduced parts for the first generation Mustang model, but it is that way because it is America’s most restored vehicle.  Finding the parts to build your life sized version of the scaled toy model of the life sized version of the 65′ Mustang is the easiest part of the process.  The esembly will be the tricky part, but Ford has a hunch, this news will infest the dreams and desires of every engine-specific fanboy of the beloved pony car series.

Since Ford has announced they will be developing a new Mustang generation for 2014 and that the concept of which will not be taken from the old ghosts of Mustangs past, it seems only fitting that they would put the original model back into the market.  Assumable, if someone were going to invest in a new model, it would run them upward of $23,000 at a base level.  For perhaps the same price, they could invest in a project that has them riding in a  sleek classic with the piston-pumping heart of an infant.  That may be something Ford hopes will drive in new sales.  The idea of another option for future Mustang owners.  Since they already have the 1967-1970 bodies available to the public, it appears as if they want to appeal to the nostalgia of their clientele.  Either way, the world rejoices.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

( Source : Yahoo! Autos )


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