SEMA OVERVIEW; Plus SEMA Award Winners

The 2011 SEMA show appears to be looking good. Between Honda’s new Civic coupe to that hulk of a Mustang from Ford, the vibe in Las Vegas is a vibrant one. The collective automotive world is on cloud nine. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights thus far.

We should first recognize what has been reported as being an obscene amount of modified Honda Civic Si coupes. According to, Honda wanted to put a spotlight on their new line of Civic coupes. The result ranges anywhere from Honda team mods to aftermarket agents building up their coupe like they were robot from that Hugh Jackman movie. You can read about it HERE.

Representing for Team America was Ford Motors. According to Motor Trend, who give a list of Ford’s 8 Sweetest vehicles at SEMA, the outlook is very good. The highlight here has to be the revitalization of the Ford Bronco. Theirs also a Vortech Supercharged Mustang from Forgiato and a race ready Ford Fiesta by Gold Coast. If you want to see photos of these wicked rides, go HERE.

Last on the list is a look into Kia and Hyundai, who are putting on a good show according to another article by Motor Trend. In this article is a great picture of a beautiful Hyundai RMR 2WD Global Rally Cross Veloster. The thing looks like an adventure to drive. Kia has this ridiculously tiny Kia Forte with blue rims and a trunk full of shelved hockey equipment. Bizzare and intriguing simultaniously. You can see these cars HERE.

In closing, here is a list of five award winners in SEMA this year. You can read about it at SEMA’s own page, HERE, and the list goes as follows:

The 2011 SEMA Award winners:

Hottest Car: Chevrolet Camaro

Hottest Sport: Compact: FIAT 500

Hottest 4×4-SUV: Jeep Wrangler

Hottest Truck: Ford F-Series


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