Mitsubishi lose two as U.S. execs resign

It was reported this morning by Left Lane that two U.S. executives from Mitsubishi Motors will step down from their exalted board room seats. According to the article, the company’s North American vice president of marketing and product strategy, Gregory Adams and Mike Krebs, the vice president of corporate planning and incentives have both stepped down from their positions as of October 31st. Mitsubishi has stated that they have no immediate plans to fill the recent vacancies, but assure consumers that business will continue at the same quality as it always has.

It was also reported that Mitsubishi is seeing a 51% increase in U.S. sales this year, but that they have been struggling to maintain sales at a significant volume. They have already pulled certain models from the North American market, one of which happens to be the Eclipse sports car. While they appear to be withdrawing their enthusiasm from American markets, it seems apparent that they Mitsubishi will put their focus on electric and more proven models. Whether this news is an omen for a new future for the company, one can’t help but consider this anything more than trimming the corporate fat and scaling back salaries on what appears, in title only, as two unnecessary positions. Who knows, maybe this will spark other companies with bloated salaries to consider taking from the top instead of cleaning out capital at the bottom.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

( Source : Left Lane New )

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