Carey Hart to get Lifetime Achievement Award

The man who made motocross, Carey Hart, is going to be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the RAD (Riders Above Dirt) Awards later this month.  Known throughout the extreme sports circuit as the first person to land a backflip in competition, Hart has become a staple in the X-Games and beyond.

Reported on today, Carey Hart will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the FMX (Freestyle Motocross) community.  The RAD Awards, developed to replace the AFMXA (American Freestyle Motocross Association) by famed FMX star Jeremy Stenberg, has in it’s infancy become an extension of the motocross community.  On the 16th of the month, they will award Hart for his part in the cause.  Most people unfamiliar with his on the track antics (who can deny his trademark Hart Attack trick?) will know him as the husband of pop star Pink.  Hart is also the co-owner of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, which was the focus of the A&E series, Inked.  

Hart is more than tattoos and death defying tricks.  He’s an innovator.  As Stenberg was quoted in the article, ” Hart was pretty much the first guy in FMX with any style.”  It’s hard to deny this statement as Hart is brimming with talent.  He’s been competing in motocross since the age of six and has built a well rounded persona both on and off the bike.  He’s even played bass for the band Pennywise.  Through it all, Hart has remained an upbeat and inspiration to the sport and to the fans.  There were no tabloid fodder shedding light on some sort of dubious acts or paparazzi catching him hanging out at in shady locations.  No, Hart has stayed above all of that, allowing FMX to flourish under his wing.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

( Source : ESPN )

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