Nerd petition to repel ipad shut off on airplanes

Tech savvy is a term for a person who is well versed in the mystical ways of modern day technology.  Fortunately for the world, more and more of our everyday life is built around the understanding and application of technology.  This of course has overloaded the world with tech savvy citizens almost to the point where babies are born with an ipad infused into their hands.  It’s true, the world is fast becoming run by the digital youth.  It is no surprise then that reported on news yesterday that a petition has begun to repeal one of the most user-unfriendly airline policies, spearheaded by these young and gun gear-heads.

A New York Times Column last week issued a statement that has since rocked the digital debate of why electronic devices must be shut off during take-off and landing.  According the Times’ writer Nick Belton, there is no true evidence to support a safety hazard to using your ipads, kindles and blackberries during that rise and fall period in the flight.  This, of course, led to nerd outcries across the internet and ultimately an online petition to repel the sky law that prohibits the use of electronics during take-off and landing.  The petition, available to sign at, currently has nearly 800 signatures in just two days.  They hope to have 25,000 by the first week of January.

The old ways appear to be facing the digital gallows.  The simple reason behind this is that information is too wide-spread and accessible now.  We’re informed and empowered and our fingers type text messages at tremendously daunting speed.  It could be said that if this FAA rule gets overturned, it could mean an awakening in a new revolution.  A technological revolution engineered by a more adapted and vocal generation.  At the very least, it could kill that fifteen minutes between runway and minimum altitude with a few rounds of Angry Birds.  The world should be afraid.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

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