Alec Baldwin booted from American Airlines flight

A fire has risen from the dragon-skinned stomach of actor Alec Baldwin, who was removed from an American Airlines flight on Tuesday for refusing to turn off his phone and apparently throwing a tantrum upon request to do so from the flight attendance.  Baldwin, star of NBC’s hit comedy “30 Rock”, has since expressed his side of the story on Twitter.  All in all, it was just another day in the life of everyday airline antics.

Reported by CBS News this morning, Alec Baldwin was asked to turn off his phone while his flight to New York City sat idol at the gate.  At the time, Baldwin was heavily engaged in a game of “Word With Friends” when a flight attendant requested for him to shut off his phone as per FAA regulations.  According to Baldwin’s twitter account, he was “reamed” out for playing the scrabble-similar game while they “sat at the gate, not moving.”  Mixed reports from various passengers claim Baldwin then stormed out of his seat and into the lavatory where he slammed the door.  One person even claimed he was pounding on the walls within.  Famed boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, who was sitting on the other side of the isle vouched for Baldwin, stating that he thought Baldwin was complying and powering down his phone, but lost his temper in the process.  No matter who was right, Baldwin’s actions alarmed the cockpit and he was removed from the flight.

Since then, Mr. Baldwin has made it clear that he will not be flying American Airlines in the foreseeable future.  The airline, who have backed their flight crew in the matter, have yet to make an official comment.  They have made it clear that they respect the FAA regulation that stipulates the deactivation of electrical devices during take off.  For those who have been following our blog, you’ll remember yesterday’s article on the online petition to repeal this very regulation.  It would be exciting to see Baldwin joined up with the cause in the wake of this incident.

One thing is for sure, however.  Alec Baldwin loves him some “Words With Friends”.  As a spokesperson for the A-lister has stated, “He loves ‘Words With Friends’ so much that he is willing to leave a plane for it.”  If that’s not a great opportunity for a marketing bit, we don’t know what is.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

( Source : CBS News )

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