Woman leads police on a motorhome chase

We all know the mythos behind paranoia, but in a story reported by the Seattle Times today, the term “paranoia” takes on a new meaning.  According to the article, a woman led police on a 40 mile car chase in a motorhome in southwest Washington.  Speeding through Interstate 5 with it’s lights off, the motorhome struck a Ford Bronco, which brought police into the mix.

Authorities reported the motorhome was travelling between 44 and 86 mph on the Interstate and the woman failed to yield when police tried to pull her over.  Instead, she raced authorities for almost 40 miles before hitting a spike strip laid out by police and blowing her tired.  The strange part about all this is what happened next.  When the RV finally stopped, the woman dashed out of the vehicle and headed towards oncoming traffic.  The troopers were able to catch her quickly after that.  The woman, Amy Renee Mason, claimed she was being followed and the reason she did not pull over was because she was trying to flee from them, but could not identify who these mysterious people were.  She also claims she had no idea she had hit another vehicle in the process.

Lucky for Mason, the driver of the Ford Bronco was not injured by her antics.  Unlucky for her, she was arrested.  One thing is for sure, this is either a highly intense case of paranoia or Mason was actually being followed.  If conspiracy movies have taught us anything, it’s that if she was being followed, the presence of police would have Mason’s pursuers backing off until she is released.  Either that or she was being chased by the Terminator and he’ll break into jail later today.  For now, it’s just another strange case of a motorhome police chase.

Tyler Baker; OSM Writer

( Source : The Seattle Times )


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