Introducing the Chevrolet Advance Design Chevy 3100 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck



The Chevy 3100 is a 1/2 ton pickup truck produced under the name Chevrolet Advanced Design.  A 3100 refers to the 1/2 ton version of the Advance Design pickup (3600 for the 3/4, 3800 for the 1 ton).  This Chevy was the designed as an upgrade to the more stuffy, less ergonomic Art Deco Model which preceded it.  Chevy reasoned that a nation fatigued by war and positive about its new position in world superpower could utilize a truck design which was beautiful and help the nation look forward to a bright future.  Consequently, it was THE definitive post-World War 2 vehicle, and it should come as no surprise that these pickup trucks were #1 in sales every year throughout the Advance Design Era .


Since they enlarged the cabs of these vehicles 8 inches wider and from previous versions and 7 inches higher, these were very likely the most comfortable pickup trucks ever developed up to that point in time.  These trucks were among the first to have the room to fit 3 people.  Up to this point in American truck history, the impact that the Advance Design models had on the pickup truck industry was nearly revolutionary.   People now expected comfort and relative luxury in addition to a good pickup truck with utility.  The Advance Design Chevy 3100 was the perfect truck for a people healing from the trauma of war, helping to put smiles on the faces of millions of war weary Americans.

And the Chevy 3100 still has the power to put smiles on the faces of people today.  A well-restored 3100 still turns heads after all these years!

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