John Travolta becomes posterboy for Bombardier Airplanes

John Travolta is as big a star as Hollywood has to offer. His acting resume is gaudy by any stretch of the term and his star power has sustained over the last four decades. While most people may only know him for his acting, others know he has a fondness for the art of flight. We all remember when his character in Look Who’s Talking Now made the jump from cab driver to private airline pilot, right? OK, maybe not, but it happened. As it turns out, Travolta and his character James Ubriacco have one big thing in common; they’re both licensed pilots. It’s no surprise, then, that John Travolta is sporting certifications to fly eleven different types of airplanes. The newest addition to his air-field arsenal is that of the Challenger aircraft, which he recently became certified to fly. The bigger news? Breaking Travel News reported late last month that Travolta has been officially announced as the new Ambassador of Bombardier Airplanes.

For those who may not be versed in the high flying world of aerospace and aviation, Bombardier Inc. is currently the third largest manufacturer of airplanes in the world. They specialize in privatized and business jets for high profile clientele. John Travolta will focus his star power on the companies business brand jets such as the LearJets, Global jets and of course the Challenger series. It is not a surprising turn of events, as Travolta currently owns several Bombardier jets personally and continues to advocate for his favorite hobby. It seems only logical that he would become a spokesperson for this passion.

Travolta has already started his lobbying of the Canadian based company by hailing it’s pursuit of a more secure and convenient form of travel. For those who depend on air travel as a way to strengthen business ties and keep up with the curve, Mr. Saturday Night Fever himself encourages them to seek out Bombardier as a way to not just travel in comfort and style, but to do so with the intent of saving time and reallocating that time to other more important personal priorities, such as family. After all, Travolta is a family oriented man himself, which makes his pairing with Bombardier even more appealing to the company. Regardless of your opinion on the actor, it is safe to say that this partnership will be flying high as they move into the future.


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